Florence v. Carolinas

Hurricane Florence Tears Carolinas Apart By Olivia Dudley As the skies begin to clear, the damage of Hurricane Florence is being seen across the nation after causing distress throughout the month of September. Florence annihilated neighborhoods, destroyed power lines, and terminated the lives of over 40 people in the Carolinas. Starting near the closing weeks…

Poll Shows Hogan Ahead But Jealous Message Leading

By Rob Velazquez I’d like to get one thing out of the way: Poll numbers don’t matter anymore. If they were the clairvoyant tools we expected them to be, we would not be seeing a new wave of political candidates on both the right and left enjoying their position as leaders on their respective ballots….

“It’s just one of those things.”

A Brief Discussion on Body Positivity This isn’t going to be a discussion that tells you to “feel better” because that’s just not how it works; one cannot just magically feel better about themselves. It is a process that takes time and sometimes it can take a long time, sometimes it might not happen at…

I’m a first-year law student & earned free college credit

By Mohammed Mahfouz This fall marks my first semester as a law school student at the University of Baltimore – this is the very start of my plan for the next four years. I finished my undergraduate degree a year in advance so that I could begin law school by the time I was 21-years-old….