Bishop Aupetit photographed with a woman

The Aupetit case continues to experience twists and turns. One week to the day after the Pope accepted the resignation of the Archbishop of Paris, the weekly Paris Match publishes an article entitled “Monseigneur Aupetit. Lost for love “, embellished with photos of the prelate in the company of a” friend “.

In these photos taken this Monday, December 6, the prelate appears in city dress, black jeans and black coat, bonnet on his head and red scarf, walking in the forest of Meudon, in the company of a young woman of 46 years. This is Laetitia Calmeyn, consecrated virgin (she gives her life to Christ by putting herself at the service of a diocese), brilliant Belgian theologian and teacher at the Collège des Bernardins. Bishop Aupetit, according to Le Figaro and through the voice of his lawyer, “strongly denies false allegations and vigorously deplores the malicious innuendo contained in this publication” which refers to a “” hidden “affair”.

A communication problem

The publication of the photos comes two days after a press conference given by Pope Francis on the plane back to Rome. Responding to questions from the press on the Aupetit case, the Pope first spoke of “little caresses and massages” that Bishop Aupetit allegedly lavished on his secretary – which the press had never echoed before. -the. Note that in the official and final transcript of the Pope’s press conference, the reference “to his secretary” has been deleted. This is indeed a mistake on the part of the Pope.

Le Point had revealed in an article published on November 22 the existence of an email sent by mistake by Bishop Aupetit to his secretary, when it was intended for a woman (whose first name is Colette, according to Paris Match) with whom he was entering an intimate relationship. While urging journalists to “investigate” the affair, the Pope explained “that he did not accept Aupetit’s resignation on the altar of truth but on that of hypocrisy.” A phrase, very mysterious, which can have several meanings …

According to Paris Match, what prompted Pope Francis to take the decision to remove Bishop Aupetit from his post so quickly was the “lie. Even the lie by omission. “Le Figaro evokes for its part the communication of Michel Aupetit after the revelations of the Point and in particular his refusal to be explained” publicly clearly “.

The weekly therefore returns to Bishop Aupetit’s relationship with Laetitia Calmeyn. The one who has undertaken to live in celibacy by becoming a consecrated virgin, would have an “ascendant” over the archbishop, to such an extent that “certain people in her entourage would hold her responsible for their difficulty in being heard by the bishop. Laetitia Calmeyn, nurse by training, close advisor to Bishop Aupetit for several years, has taken an important place in the diocese of Paris. She was also appointed by Pope Francis in the spring of 2018 as an expert in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome.

Asked by Le Parisien about the friendship of Bishop Aupetit and Laetitia Calmeyn, Aupetit’s entourage replied ten days ago: “This is a long-standing friendship. Nothing more. “Le Figaro also refutes the hypothesis of a liaison arguing that” everyone in the diocese of Paris, priests and committed lay people, knows her as being one of the archbishop’s advisers of choice “.

Friday, December 10, the former general practitioner of Colombes, ordained a priest at 44, Bishop Michel Aupetit will preside over a “thanksgiving” mass at the Saint-Sulpice church, to say goodbye and thank his diocese.

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