Drinking water while standing said to increase belly size

Overweight-related illnesses are on the rise these days! These include diabetes and heart related diseases. We know how difficult it is to lose weight once you gain it. Weight loss will be followed by changes in food lifestyle as well as regular exercise. Some of our daily bad habits are also responsible for weight gain.

It is very common nowadays to drink standing water. People are seen drinking standing water when they are in a hurry or running. Also, a report has found that drinking standing water in this way can increase the tumor. While Ayurveda says that the structure of the human body is such that if one sits and drinks water peacefully, many benefits can be obtained. The waist should be kept straight whenever drinking water. So that the water can easily reach your head and function properly.

Many people do not eat for a long time to lose weight but this should never be done. Because doing so slows down the metabolism. At the same time, a person’s ability to burn calories is reduced. Therefore, one should take meals on time and get enough exercise.

Avoid cold drinks or soda with junk food if you want to lose weight. A recent study found that a glass of soda or cold drink contains up to 39 grams of sugar. Which increases the tummy. Apart from this it is important to eat nutritious food on time to control weight. Breakfast should be taken before 8:30 am to reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes.

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