Fraudulent health passes generated via the hacked account of a nurse

A single account hacked and fake health passes are raining down. While, according to the Interior Ministry, 110,000 fake health passes are circulating in France, our colleagues from Ouest-France reveal a case whose figures are dizzying. The daily reports that the National Health Insurance Fund informed a nurse in Nantes that his health professional account had been hacked.

The consequences are serious: 54,000 fraudulent QR codes were generated through his professional account alone. The hackers managed to recover the access codes to the service used to create the health passes and produce as many as possible. The nurse concerned filed a complaint. This method is one of the main tricks used by those who trade in sanitary scams.

Others sometimes come directly from health professionals opposed to the health pass or giving in to the greed, but their involvement is difficult to prove. According to the Interior Ministry, “there have been more than 100 arrests out of the 400 inquiries that have started to be opened” since the introduction in the summer of the mandatory pass in some places. These arrests target both users and trafficking networks.

Suspended prison sentences “and sometimes firm prison” have already been handed down, “especially for pass users”, explained Gérald Darmanin, who underlines that the penalty can be up to 5 years in prison.

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