Orange vigilance maintained along the Pyrenees and over the Alps

Météo-France maintained orange vigilance for rain, flooding and avalanche risks in eleven departments on Friday (December 10th). The departments concerned are the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Hautes-Pyrénées, Landes, Gers, Ariège, Haute-Garonne, Pyrénées-Orientales, Ain and, in the Alps, the departments of Haute-Savoie, of Savoy and Isère.

According to Météo-France, the precipitation will continue around the Pyrenees rim, continuing until Saturday morning. “The intensities will be moderate, sometimes quite strong next night and Friday morning,” according to the press release. The rains intensified overnight over the southern departments in orange rain-flood vigilance. The weather will remain very rainy. The rains will accumulate significantly. The snow will fall to around 2,000 m during the day on Friday and will drop to around 1,200 m in the evening.

The disturbance will also be accompanied by a marked warming in the mountains, where the rain-snow limit will rise to 2200-2300m the next night. It will drop to around 1,500m at the end of the night or early morning tomorrow, then to around 1,200m. According to Météo-France, the wind is also an aggravating factor since it becomes strong during the night and tomorrow in the mountains, more temporarily in the plains and along the chain. Northwest gusts can reach 60 to 90 km / h in the plains, up to 100/110 km / h on the coast and 120/130 km / h in the mountains. These conditions pose a very high risk of avalanche, reports Météo-France. A long north-westerly swell is also expected on the Basque coast during the episode which may interfere with the flow in the estuaries.

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